Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is anyone still reading???

We are back from our amazing 10 week adventure - slowly getting back to 'reality'.
One of the things that inevitably happens while you are on holidays is a 'stocktake' of your home life. 
How can you make your life more simple - a wardrobe cull, a garage sale, unsubscribing from email newsletters - you know what its like! 
I, like most of us, take on way to much, and always find a trip leaves me with a desire to 'simplify'. 

I started this blog years ago, and have loved sharing things with you all, inspiring images, personal bits & pieces…everything. 
Amazing opportunities have come from the blog and the best part has been the friends ive made - some have stayed as 'online' friendships & others are now personal friends 'in real life'. 

So ill just get to the point! 
Now that I'm so busy with my business, and needing to use my time wisely to avoid falling in a heap, 
I've started to wonder if anyone is still reading, looking & enjoying what i post?!

Having this space is great, and when i know that people are indeed reading & getting something out of what i post - weather it be ideas for your home, or just general joy over a pretty image, it in turn makes me happy & compelled to keep it up! In the last 2 years ive noticed people tend to comment on the blog a lot less - this could be a general blog trend, or that you guys are happy to just see the images - enjoy them & not leave comment - which is totally cool with me! But, Ive realised i need to simplify my life - like most of us, i juggle lots of 'stuff' and for my sanity i need to prioritise where & how i use my time!

So, friends & once daily chic friends - are you still out there???
Do you still read & enjoy the random things i post about?
Would you like to tell me what you'd like to see more or less of so when i post its 'stuff' you enjoy?
Would you mind if i posted a bit less? If 'once daily' turned into twice weekly?

I don't want to abandon this happy space completely, but i would love to hear - are you guys still out there?

Sal x

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pyrenees - Pretty as a Picture!

We are back in the mountains :) 
Staying a week in the town of Argeles Gazost - the base of many of the big mountain climbs {of course!}
More cycling & hiking, flowers, flowing icy rivers & donkeys!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Saint Restitut {Provence}

It was fantatsic to stay with my French friends, Delphine & Christophe at their home in Provence.
I met them last year when we were all part of the Type 1 Diabetes Kilimanjaro Expedition.
They live in the cutest, most photogenic village called Saint Restitut.
Our days were filled with market trips, lounging in the garden playing boules & drinking pastis....
And of course cycling the mythical Mont Ventoux (Ben did it twice in one day! Crazy!)
We were also lucky enough to catch the lavender in bloom - you could smell it everywhere.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cinque Terre {Monterosso}

We had 2 nights in Monterosso, Cinque Terre.
If you are ever planning a trip, i would highly reccomend Albergo Marina.
Simple, clean, reletively affordable, but with cute touches like beach bags & towels in the room, a fabulous breakfast {a rarity we have found in Italy} and, what they call 'afternoon refreshments'. Home made pastas, fruit & coffee - basically lunch is included :)
We spent our day doing the 8km round trip hike from Monterosso to Vernazza, and then swimming & having a great seafood dinner.
Fish with olives, capers, cherry tomatoes, butter & herbs anyone?
{* ps - my laptop & blogger have decided they wont let me use the mouse or curser to get back to any points in my post, so if i've made a typo or grammatical error i can't fix it! Apologies for my bad spelling & grammar.}

Sunday, June 15, 2014


We spent 2 nights in Venice, at a simple little B & B with a great view onto the canal.
I know everyoine seems to love Venice, so im going to be contraversial here - it wasnt my favourite place. 
It is beautiful, charming & there is ceratinly no where else like it on earth, but the thousands of tourists ruined it for me, ironic, becuase i know i was one of them. I have never been anywhere with SO many tourists! 
The streets were full restaurants with 'toutrist menu's' and I was a bit shocked to see even the Rialto bridge had been built over with cheap souvenier shops! We saw the main sights & then got lost in the back alleys away from the crowds.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Northen Italy & Chasing The Giro

The last two weeks have been an exciting, exhausting whirlwind of chasing the Giro D'Italia through the Dolomiutes. Driving winding (terrifying) mountain passes through empty ski villages (its inbetween seasons) and cycling & hiking in everything from feilds of flowers to snow!
Oh, and how could i forget. Eating. I may come back about 20kg heavier at this rate. Italians sure know how to eat - paritculary carbs & cheese! Have eaten some amazing pastas, 90c macciatos in the stand up coffee bars all over the place & of course far to much wine! The first two weeks saw us staying in the towns of Bormio, Canazei, then Bassano del Grappa and over to Trieste on the boarder of Italy, Slovenia & Croatia. We have seen 6 stages of the Giro, inclduing mountain stages, a time trial, the final day & were incredibly lucky to have one of my instagam followers, who works in the cycling industry, organise VIP passes for one of the start days for us. We were able to walk around & check out all the team busses, watch the riders warm up & met my favourite rider too! Had a great chat with the Orica Greenedge guys & watched the start with a glass of prosecco in hand! The internet access has been average at best, meaning the laptop hasnt come out much, and i fear the blogging will be very difficult! If you follow me on instagram you'll be getting a few pics a day though!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Europe - Here we come!

It all starts tomorrow morning at 6am, yes, you heard correctly, we have to be at the airport at 3am…
We are off to Europe for 10 WEEKS!!!! First stop Italy.
More precisely, first stop Milan & out into the Dolomites to chase the Giro D'italia {go Cadel!}
The ten weeks will take in Northern Italy, Southern France, Northern Spain, Croatia & finish with a week in Paris.. 
I shall be taking my laptop so i can share our adventures with you {wifi permitting!}
It won't be 'once daily', but i will try to check in at least once a week & torture you with photos {hehe}
No doubt i'll be instagramming the heck out of this trip {follow me on @sally_rhys_jones}
Au revoir Australia….

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Balcony Inspo.

Ive decided to leave doing anything with our new balcony till we get back from our trip. 
Im sure the plants wouldn't appreciate being abandoned for 3 months!
I love the look of simple big (white?) planters with sculptural looking plants 
(frangipanis, palms, fiddle leaf figs etc)
And also want to do some big pots of herbs.


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