Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Citrus in Pots

Sorry for not showing you my Beni Ourain rugs as promised last week
Would you believe after i posted that i was contacted by a few people who were interested & have sold them already!
If i get any more in (or decide i don't actually need two for myself) ill be sure to let you know.

Maybe its the recent European trip thats done it to me, but I'm suddenly inspired to grow a bit of a Mediterranean garden on our balcony.
I'm thinking big pots of rosemary & dwarf citrus trees!
I grew up with an amazing lemon tree in our backyard, but have never grown citrus in pots - have any of you tried it? Any tips?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beni Ourain Rugs - Inspiration

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that while we were in Morocco i fell even more in love with Beni Ourain rugs
…and subsequently purchased one two…four of them…whoops!
Two we are keeping - one is in my office {I'm loving it - sooo soft}
 The other has found a home in our dining room {and if anyone spills anything on it they're dead! Joking….kind of…}

The other two i am selling! 
Ill share images & details of them tomorrow incase any of you would like to join me in my rug love!
For today though I've found some of my favourite Beni inspo images - enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Magical Morocco

Its taking me a while to get over the post trip blues, but I'm straight back into work with some great new clients which is helping!
One of our absolute favourite parts of our trip (which was also a spontaneous unplanned side trip!) was our 5 days in Marrakech.
It was truly magical & we are dreaming of returning to Morocco & exploring more of it.
Such a beautiful place, rich in history & such interesting, kind people.
Sometimes you had to remind yourself you weren't in a movie set!
Sitting in a cafe on the main square eating a lamb tagine while donkeys pulling carts trot past, the smell of sweet mint tea & spices wafting in the 40 degree air & the sounds of the flutes of snake charmers echoing across the square….honestly, amazing!

It was also ramadan while were were there which added another element to the experience.
While the locals were fasting from sunrise to sunset, it didn't make being there difficult at all.
We were respectful by not eating or drinking on the street, although it wouldn't have been a problem if we did.
The locals we spoke to were all very open to the fact that we were visitors & didn't need to do as they did.
 But also obviously appreciated the fact that we made an effort to cover up & eat/drink in private.

Hearing the call to prayer wafting through the balmy night air and seeing 1000's of people pray outside the 12th century mosque each night was one of the most amazing experiences I've had while travelling - really special.

On our first day we hired a guide for the day which was the best decision.
If you are ever planning a trip there email me & i am happy to share his contact details.

We stayed at the amazing Riad Dix Neuf la Ksour - it was even more beautiful in real life!
{Those of you who follow once daily chic on Facebook may have seen the story i posted about the fact that i'd had an image of this riad on the pinboard in the office for years without knowing the source…when i was browsing for somewhere to stay in Marrakech i stumbled across riad dix neuf la ksour & saw that very image on their website - needless to say i had to book it!}.
I highly recommend it if you are ever in Marrakech.
Beautiful pared back decor & wonderful staff.

Here are a few of my favourite shots. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to comment on my last post.
Its made me realise that we are all busy & no one is going to crack it if i don't post every day - but that you guys also still enjoy a trawl though the blogs every so often for some inspiration (just like me!), and i still enjoy creating the posts when i can! 
So - once daily chic will live on - maybe just not once daily anymore. 
I will post as often as i have the time for - some weeks maybe every day - others maybe not at all! 
I love the 'blog world' and all my 'bloggy friends', and really appreciated you guys taking the time to leave me feedback. 
Looking forward to continuing our bloggy relationship - without feeling the pressure of thinking i need to post every day.

Thanks Guys!

Stay tuned - this week I've lined up some Moroccan goodness - including some snaps from our recent trip. 
If you haven't been you must add it to your list :)

And in the spirit of trying to simplify your life, i loved this little piece i found via pinterest below...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is anyone still reading???

We are back from our amazing 10 week adventure - slowly getting back to 'reality'.
One of the things that inevitably happens while you are on holidays is a 'stocktake' of your home life. 
How can you make your life more simple - a wardrobe cull, a garage sale, unsubscribing from email newsletters - you know what its like! 
I, like most of us, take on way to much, and always find a trip leaves me with a desire to 'simplify'. 

I started this blog years ago, and have loved sharing things with you all, inspiring images, personal bits & pieces…everything. 
Amazing opportunities have come from the blog and the best part has been the friends ive made - some have stayed as 'online' friendships & others are now personal friends 'in real life'. 

So ill just get to the point! 
Now that I'm so busy with my business, and needing to use my time wisely to avoid falling in a heap, 
I've started to wonder if anyone is still reading, looking & enjoying what i post?!

Having this space is great, and when i know that people are indeed reading & getting something out of what i post - weather it be ideas for your home, or just general joy over a pretty image, it in turn makes me happy & compelled to keep it up! In the last 2 years ive noticed people tend to comment on the blog a lot less - this could be a general blog trend, or that you guys are happy to just see the images - enjoy them & not leave comment - which is totally cool with me! But, Ive realised i need to simplify my life - like most of us, i juggle lots of 'stuff' and for my sanity i need to prioritise where & how i use my time!

So, friends & once daily chic friends - are you still out there???
Do you still read & enjoy the random things i post about?
Would you like to tell me what you'd like to see more or less of so when i post its 'stuff' you enjoy?
Would you mind if i posted a bit less? If 'once daily' turned into twice weekly?

I don't want to abandon this happy space completely, but i would love to hear - are you guys still out there?

Sal x

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pyrenees - Pretty as a Picture!

We are back in the mountains :) 
Staying a week in the town of Argeles Gazost - the base of many of the big mountain climbs {of course!}
More cycling & hiking, flowers, flowing icy rivers & donkeys!


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